Who We Are

In 2011, former US Navy SEAL Mike Janke approached cryptography legend Phil Zimmermann (internet hall of fame, creator of PGP and ZRTP) and Jon Callas, creator of Apple's Whole Disk Encryption about a potential partnership: working together to create the world’s first private encrypted communications network. The idea was to create a system and build tools to allow people to communicate without fear of interception, to protect the right to privacy and free speech in the Internet age. From its inception, Silent Circle has been about curated cryptography, serving the privacy-minded customer, and remaining responsive to their needs in the face of ever-more-sophisticated threats and innocuous-seeming infringements to their civil liberties.

We are putting a stake in the ground for your right to have truly private conversations and to conduct your business without fear of compromise. We have built our network from the ground up with our own hands and we own it. Our servers are located in Canada, which was selected for its strict respect for privacy. We do not maintain unencrypted logs or records of calls and conversations and our customers physically hold the keys to their mobile communications – not us. Our service is built by professionals for professionals and for people who take their personal security and privacy seriously.

We want to fight for your right to privacy. We are pushing back against the tide of surveillance. We don’t like oppressive regimes, indiscriminate wiretapping, big brother, data criminals, intellectual property theft, identity thieves, or governments that persecute their citizens for expressing or writing their opinions.

We understand the importance of backing up our words with actions and we recognize your right as our paying customer to transparency. We are up front about who we are, what we have built, and why it will change the way you communicate. We take these ideas seriously. We publish our source code for peer review so that it can be roughhoused with, penetration-tested, developed, and improved. We will post the requests that we get from government, law enforcement, and worldwide legal entities for our user’s data. We feel strongly about telling you what we can and cannot protect you from upfront, because we believe in what we have built and its ability to protect your privacy.

Whisper in someone's ear a thousand miles away

Silent Circle has revolutionized how the world communicates - securely