• Burn Notice

    Self-Destruct any message, file, photo, video or voice recording with our timed Burn Notice.

  • Map Location

    Securely send your map location with any text. Send location with media, files or voice recordings.

  • Media

    Send photos, videos and voice recordings and self-destruct or send with your map location.

  • File Transfer

    Send up to 100 MB files completely with a single finger tap. Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote, Pages, Google Docs - any file.

What is Silent Text?

Our revolutionary peer-to-peer technology allows you to send documents: any file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pages, Keynote, PDFs, CAD drawings, etc.), any movie, any picture, map locations, URLs and calendar invites.

Enable the Burn Notification for a recall of the Silent Text you did not mean to send or to dissolve any and all traces of the text message (and attachments) for your device and the one you sent to (must be between Silent Circle subscribers). Enable secure geo-location: you decide when to and when not to include geo-location coordinates.

How it works

The messages are encrypted on your device. Keys are negotiated for each conversation and never leave your device. Each message is encrypted using a new key that is only used once and then destroyed, so even if your device is examined, there are no keys to be had after the conversation is complete.

Silent Text requires data connectivity, such as over a cellular or WiFi network. Silent Circle Instant Messaging Protocol (SCIMP) must access the Internet in order to send and receive text

Note: Silent Text can only be provisioned on one device per subscription. Practice safe texting: if you cannot accept that your message might be retransmitted - don't send it. Silent Circle cannot protect against text recipients sharing your texts with others.


Silent Phone will work on mobile smartphones and tablets. (iPhone, iPad and Android devices such as Galaxy and Nexus) Just complete a quick download from the Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

Silent Text can only be provisioned on one device per subscription.

Burn Notice

No more sensitive messages staying around indefinitely. Set your text, video, voice recording or picture to burn at a pre-specified time after delivery, or recall and destroy any previous sent message at your discretion.

File Transfer

Encrypt, send, receive and decrypt 100 MB files with a tap of the finger. Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, Google Docs - any file. Silent Text integrates with your device to allow you to re-transmit any content over your secure channel to other subscribers in the Silent Circle Network or download it to your device.