• Secure Calls

    Make Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) calls worldwide with HD clarity over 3G, 4G or WiFi networks.

  • Video

    Video on Demand: Mobile video chats over cell data networks WiFi anywhere in the world.

  • Conference Calls

    Hold a conference call on your mobile device with each caller joining on their own end-to-end line.

What is Silent Phone?

Your answer to voice & video calls.

Cell/WiFi mobile voice and video on demand. Switch from voice to video with the swipe of a finger for the added personal touch or most important visual validation of the parties involved in a call.

Secure multi-call functionality: be able to conference together up to 6 other Silent Circle users. Our technology turns your device in a Secure Conference Bridge center so you can facilitate group calling securely and remotely anywhere in the world. Experience unlimited calling worldwide Silent Phone to Silent Phone *

An easy to download app for iOS and Android devices that will provide you with HD quality calling over 3G, 4G or WiFi networks.

* requires cellular or WIFI connectivity.

How it works

Each user selects a username and receives a 10-digit number (if purchasing Out-Circle Access) that will be used across all Silent Circle services. Silent Phone allows you to easily integrate existing contacts and favorites information on your device to provide complete functionality securely. We built our service to provide true device-to-device security – no one can listen in, no one can wiretap, no one but you and the subscriber on the other end has access – not us, not anyone.

Silent Phone requires data connectivity. Our VoIP technology must connect to the Internet in order to make calls.

Please note: As of December 19, 2013 Silent Phone will operate by username ONLY unless purchasing Out-Circle Access.


Silent Phone will work on mobile smartphones and tablets (iPhone and iPad as well as Android devices such as Galaxy and Nexus). Download and install the Silent Phone app from the Apple iTunes App store or the Google Play store.