Silent Circle Enterprise

    • Silent Circle Enterprise
    • Includes Silent Circle Mobile (Silent Phone & Silent Text), Silent Circle Management Console to provision and deploy user licenses
    • Easy to manage, cost effective and easy to use private encrypted communication services for businesses and government
    • Revolutionary peer-to-peer encryption platform that enables private and secure voice, video, text and file transfer services through a secure, proprietary network, software and mobile apps
Our Secure Silent Phone and Silent Text Apps

Silent Circle Mobile

Encrypted voice, video, text and file transfer services

  • Includes Silent Phone & Silent Text for your mobile devices (iOS and Android)
  • Low cost, easy to use, secure encrypted communications service
  • Revolutionary peer-to-peer patform of encrypted services on our private network
Silent Circle Management Console

Silent Circle Management Console

Manage user licenses of Silent Phone & Silent Text

  • Dynamically manage and control(enable/deny access) for all users
  • Easily deploy large numbers of licenses to staff
  • Dashboard provides ‘at-a-glance’ views of users, groups, licenses and usage
Annually $139 95

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Add Out-Circle Access

(Call from Silent Phone to Non-Subscribers in North America)

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