Reseller Programs

Receive commission on sales to referred customers or provide encrypted communications solutions to your customers at preferred pricing.

We operate a turnkey private network that customers join when they subscribe to our service. Help us reach new customers or create a Silent Circle solution for your customers.

We believe in keeping things simple. We either pay commissions for referred sales when the sale closes or offer preferred pricing to partners seeking to craft their own solutions based on our service.

Reseller Partners

Referral Partner – “I know people who want this…”

  • Referral Partners act as Sales Agents for Silent Circle and earn up to 20% commission on all referred sales.
  • We offer sales support and deal registration to reserve the prospect and protect your interests as our partner.
  • Minimum quantity of 50 individual sales prospects.

Solutions Partner – “I can use this to offer something new and unique to my customers…”

  • Solutions Partners implement and manage our service for their customers. They benefit from preferred pricing for identified opportunities or receive preferential commission rates for working with Silent Circle to increase sales.
  • We provide you with the tools to implement your solution to your customers and to provide a “managed service” capability with respect to their encrypted communications.
  • We offer sales and technical support and work with the partner prior to deal registration to optimize their offering to their customers.
  • Minimum quantity of 500 individual sales prospects.

Both types of partner benefit from volume incentives and can earn performance-based bonuses. The type of partnership that we enter into together will depend largely on how you do business now and how we can best support you and your customers in the future.

We are looking for volume partners with existing customers or specific leads. Provide as much information as possible about yourself, the business you operate and the specific lead, project proposal or opportunity that you would like to bring to our attention by emailing

If your application is accepted you will hear back from us within 1 week with more details on the program and to schedule a call to get introduced.

We look forward to doing business with you, collaborating to service your customers and welcoming you into the Circle.

Circle Up!

The Silent Circle Sales Team