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Flexible calling to and from regular numbers

  • Extend your Silent Circle calling plan with optional Out-Circle Access. Continue to make and receive encrypted calls to other subscribers within the Circle and add the ability to connect to your other contacts on their cell and personal phones.
  • Availability – Call non-subscribers in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico from Silent Phone or Silent Phone for Desktop.
  • Value: up to 3000 minutes per month.

Silent Phone and Silent Phone for Desktop always connect to our secure servers via the Internet before making a call. Out-Circle Access links our servers to the Public Switch Telephone Network.

When you make a Silent Call to a non-Silent Circle phone number, the first half of that call is encrypted into our servers the same way any other Silent Call is. Then it is sent from our servers to the recipient over regular phone lines, and is no longer encrypted. This is a great way to avoid any prying ears you might be concerned are listening in to your calls wherever you are located in the world, while still being able to call loved ones, coworkers, or anyone else back home. Out-Circle Access increases your reach back across home territory and enhances your personal communications security when traveling in or through threat environments, surveillance states, and hostile territories.

Out-Circle Access is currently available for calls to non-subscribers based in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. We will be adding Out-Circle Access for European subscribers later this year. Calls can be received from anywhere in the world at the calling party’s standard long-distance rates to call into the United States.

Out-Circle Access can be purchased with or added to your existing Silent Circle account for the length of your subscription. When adding it to an existing account, you can choose to add it for the remainder of your existing subscription or to extend your existing subscription for an additional year at a pro-rated rate.

Please note: If you add Out-Circle Access to your services you will receive a unique 10-digit phone number.

How it works


*Subscriber - can be anywhere in the world with data connectivity
**Non-Subscriber - Canada, Puerto Rico and US registered numbers only at this time.

Optional Add-On

Add Out-Circle Access

(Call from Silent Phone to Non-Subscribers in North America)

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