Application Guidance

Silent Circle takes an individual’s right to privacy seriously. Our company was born out of the idea that you should be able to whisper in someone’s ear, even if that person is on the other side of the globe. This inalienable right to free speech is enshrined in the United States Constitution, but that same fundamental right cannot be guaranteed for many individuals around the world. Silent Circle’s leadership has defended the right to free speech, publicly, privately and while serving with the military.

You should know that our products are designed to protect information as communicated by individuals, regardless of reason. They are for the businessman (international and domestic), for the soldier calling home from a deployment and for the security conscious private individual. We also want to give a voice to the oppressed, the advocates and the activists: those who stand for free speech and other human rights and who are targeted as result of that position. If you are conducting life-saving, freedom-preserving human rights work and you stand for something bigger than a bottom line or a revenue sheet, then we want to hear from you.

If you are a leader, executive or organizer within an active human rights group, which we can gather information on to establish bona fides, then please fill out the form below. We are interested in providing you with a limited number of free subscription packages for dissemination amongst your network in order to protect individual privacy and anonymity. We would like to build a relationship with you in order to best understand your constraints and requirements. We will use the information that you provide in this form to conduct open-source research upon your organization, its affiliates, your areas of activity and your open-source history. If there is anything else you feel that we should know in considering your application, then please annotate this at the bottom of the form. Silent Circle will make an assessment as to how best to assist you.

(Please note: Silent Circle is a for-profit business, not a charity. We do not donate subscriptions to private individuals - however deserving. Our company, our network and our products cost money to build and to maintain, so our products are not free. If you own your own iPhone or Android Device or Personal Computer and take your personal privacy seriously, then we believe that a $20 per month subscription for our Silent Products is a worthwhile investment for you.)

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