Peek in the Circle

Introduction to Silent Circle

Sender To Receiver End-To-End Encryption

When a Silent Circle subscriber makes a phone call, sends a text or video chats with another Silent Circle member, that transmission is secured and encrypted end-to-end from their iPhone, Android device, iPad or Windows computer on our crystal-clear secure network.

Silent Phone subscribers can add Out-Circle Access for an additional monthly fee, to call people without a subscription in the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico. These calls are secured from the Silent Phone subscriber’s device to our servers, and are then routed via PSTN local carrier services to the non-Silent Circle device like any regular phone call.

Our products are downloaded from the Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store – simple, fast, secure.

Device-To-Device (Peer-To-Peer)

Extended Network Calling

*Subscriber - can be anywhere in the world with data connectivity
**Non-Subscriber - currently available for calls to the US, Canada and Puerto Rico