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  • Thank you for your prompt response you all truly provide world-class customer service.

  • Excellent customer service! I will definitely keep my eye out for future products from Silent Circle.

  • Thank you very much for your helpful explanation about Silent Circle and classic PGP. I will keep it for reference as I continue to encourage my friends to use Silent Circle and/or PGP.

  • I was able to solve the Silent Text activation issue on my wife's phone. Therefore, we don't meet to connect on Saturday as planned. Thank you for you support. Maria have been terrific. Thanks again.

  • SC BETTER than SLICED BREAD!... Last time I was impressed with Tech/Sec., about 25 years ago. Your guys NAILED IT. Bloody GOOD!

  • Thanks for the great service you offer. I'm an agent of a new investment company and silent text is a great way to communicate with my clients.

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