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Whether you’re texting, calling, or managing your contacts, Silent Suite gives you the tools to be private when it's needed.

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Silent Phone

Unlimited encrypted voice, video, and conference calling with HD clarity.

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Silent Text

Our revolutionary peer-to-peer technology allows you to send files, pictures, locations, and more.

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Which apps and tools actually keep your messages safe?

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Silent Circle For Enterprise

The security and performance of Silent Circle's services with robust functionality for the enterprise.


Silent Circle Management Console

A web-based console which designates an administrator within his or her own network to manage and deploy user licenses of Silent Phone & Silent Text.

Silent Circle Management Console allows users to create, organize and bulk distribute License codes and instructions via email to provide team members with Silent Phone and Silent Text. Additionally you're able to create groups and sub-groups to reflect your company's organization and allocate encrypted mobile apps accordingly.

Easy to manage

Manage and control access for all users via our web based management console. The dashboard provides ‘at-a-glance’ views of users, groups, licenses and usage across your company.

Revolutionary encryption

Our encryption secures trade secrets and protects against the theft of intellectual property by encrypting communications between departments or groups regardless of geographic location.

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Silent Suite

A secure mobile communication solution for iOS and Android that includes voice, text, video, file transfers and more. Silent Circle has answered the call for a low-cost, easy to use, private communications. Review the features below and subscribe here.

  • HD Voice & Video
  • World Wide Calling
  • Secure Video Chat
  • Conference Calls
  • Burn Functionality
  • Unlimited Member-to-Member
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Silent Phone

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Silent Text

Silent World

Unlimited Talk & Text Among Members Anywhere

Whether you're across the globe or down the street, our network offers industry leading encrypted communication and secure access with no contract.

Not a member? No problem.

Call anyone! With Silent World you're covered wherever you are for both members and non-members. On top of that, your leg of the call is encrypted for ultimate peace of mind.


International Encrypted Calling

Unlimited member to member calling AND ... you can even use Silent Phone to make encrypted calls to non-members.

Escape From Roaming Charges

Save big on your monthly bills with Silent World and call into more countries than any other service. You're still encrypted from wherever you are to our proprietary network.

Ultimate Flexibility

Choose your new secure number so non-subscribers can call you directly anywhere. Make calls to 120 destinations around the world or down the street.


Voted one of the Top 10 Technology Breakthroughs of 2014 by MIT Technology Review and winner of Top 10 Devices at Mobile World Congress by PCMag, Blackphone is built from the ground up to be private by design, running PrivatOS - an Android based operating system, without the usual security compromises.

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Purpose built for privacy

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