Pre-Paid Silent Circle Subscriptions

Ronin Codes

The Rōnin code is a pre-paid subscription to Silent Circle's mobile encrypted communications service. By purchasing a Rōnin code as a gift for friends, loved ones or business associates, you are buying them an anonymous Silent Circle subscription.

A Rōnin code recipient simply goes to and clicks on subscribe to get in the Circle. They create a Username and Password for their account and select the relevant plan to activate their subscription. They enter the alphanumeric code from their Ronin code and then follow the step-by-step instructions to create their account. All that we know of that user is their username and an email address (if they choose to give it) – nothing else.

Rōnin is a pre-paid giftcard for a Silent Circle subscription. The spirit of the 'Masterless Samurai' - honor, character and fighting to defend what you believe in - is reflected in the concept and design of the Ronin code. Purchase anonymous encrypted communications subscriptions to our service and custom-built network.

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