Our Story

Silent Circle was built to offer the world a simple and affordable option to the widespread collection and rampant monetization of your personal data. Privacy is hard to find these days and Silent Circle is here to help.

In 2011, Mike Janke, former U.S. Navy SEAL and security specialist, approached Phil Zimmermann, cryptography legend (Internet Hall of Fame inductee; creator of PGP and ZRTP) about a partnership to create the world’s first communications network built for privacy. Jon Callas, creator of Apple's Whole Disk Encryption, joined as CTO and Silent Circle's founding team was made. Their idea was to create an encrypted communications service with easy-to-use tools available to all who appreciate a little control over who has access to their conversations. Silent Circle has matured into the world's most trusted solution for mobile privacy serving individuals, businesses, and governments in over 130 countries with a truly revolutionary ecosystem of software, services, and devices. Headquartered in Switzerland with employees in eight countries, Silent Circle has revolutionized how the world communicates - securely.

Whisper in someone's ear from a thousand miles away.

Our Take on Privacy

We are putting a stake in the ground for your right to have truly private conversations with your friends and family or conduct business without fear of compromise. We have built our network from the ground up with our own hands and we own it. Our servers are located in Canada and Switzerland, which was selected for its strict respect for privacy. We do not maintain unencrypted logs or records of calls and conversations and our customers physically hold the keys to their mobile communications – not us. Our service is built by professionals for professionals and for people who take their personal security and privacy seriously.


We understand the importance of backing up our words with actions and we recognize your right as a paying member to transparency. We are up front about who we are, what we have built, and why it will change the way you communicate. We take these ideas seriously. We publish our source code for peer review so that it can be rough-housed with, penetration-tested, developed, and improved. We will post the requests that we get from government, law enforcement, and worldwide legal entity.

We’re The Privacy Experts

Made up of a team of expert cryptographers and security specialists who fight everyday to give back the privacy you deserve.

Bill Conner
President & CEO
Mike Janke
Executive Chairman & Co-founder
Phil Zimmermann
Chief Scientist & Co-founder
Jon Callas
CTO & Co-founder

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We are truly a global company. But every structure needs a foundation, and here is where you can find us.

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